Guide To Computer Programming For Beginner - Part 1

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Guide To Computer Programming For Beginner - Part 1

Guide To Computer Programming, understand what is meant by programming and the basic steps

Firstly make sure you are at your best today! 

Hello visitors and friends,

I will love to share some of my knowledge on "Computer Programming" with some of you who are willing to learn.. If you are a programmer, please let make this interactive for newcomers and beginners by dropping your comments or point of view. Thank you.

What do we understand as "PROGRAMMING"?

In my own view - Programming is the process of writing, testing, debugging/troubleshooting and maintaining instructions (source code) for solving a problem with the computer. Programming can also be said to be "CODING".. (Drop your definition of Programming in the comment box), we are all here to learn, improve our skills and impart one another. 

Programming is a lot of fun and extraordinarily useful. While you learn to program, you'll also develop a host of other analytical and critical thinking skills for tacking all sorts of complex problems (not just ones on computers) and it may just help you start a new career or land a new job in software development... 

Computer programming is almost always done in some sort of programming language. These languages are written so that humans can understand them, but are formal and rigorous enough to input into a computer machine
This article continues in "Guide To Computer Programming For Beginner - Part 2" ... 

Drop your view, let's learn together... Thanks for stopping by...

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