How To Start Learning Computer Programming

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

How To Start Learning Computer Programming

What are the tips on how to start learning Computer Programming? click and explore this tips.

Hello Friends, 
you might be wondering or thinking that "What are the tips on how to start learning Computer Programming?"

A programmer does not just wake up one day and begins to write a computer program(s). They learned it and develop from one computer programming language to another. It takes the ability to be ready to learn, persistence, patients, and hard work.

Come in one, come in all, let's start here and explore these tips.


  • Start with a good book or tutorial on programming. The book will probably suggest a language.

  • Get a compiler/interpreter for the programming language your book uses.
you may ask... what is a compiler? & what is an interpreter? The similarity between them is;
there are all translators or can be said to be language processors use for translation of the written program into machine language (binary unit such as 0 & 1) in other for the computer to be able to execute the program. they are problem-oriented software.
 The difference between them is;
COMPILER: it separates translation from execution, by first translating the entire source program.
INTERPRETER: it combines translation with execution, by translating simultaneously executing source program line by line.
Conclusion: so these programs (compiler & interpreter help you see how things work on the computer machine.

  • Study the programming examples from the book and put them into your interpreter/compiler.
  • Try changing the examples and making the programs do different things.
  •  Try putting together your own ideas to form a working program. 
  • Start with simple things, like a program to add two numbers, program to convert currencies, and work your way up along to more complex things as you continue reading and learning about your programming language. 
  • Once you start actively programming in your first language, you may want to learn a second one.
  • You'll get the most out of learning a second programming language if you pick one that uses a radically different paradigm than the one you started with. For instance, if you started in BASIC language, you might try learning C or Java next. If you started in Java, you could learn Perl or Python.

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