Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Imparting Positivity With Sacul Collection

         Welcome to Fortizo Light, as i bring to your notice the promotional post of year - "Imparting Positivity With sacul_collection"... 

          A question for we all to answer - ( How do we Impart Positivity to our world? )
Majorly to impart positivity in the live of others, it all about showing them what LOVE is. Jesus said in the book of John 15 vs 12 - " ( My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. ")... God showed us love by send his only son to die for our sin, both the ones committed and the ones not yet committed so we can be his sons and daughter. There we are all expected to continues in the foundation God laid because the bible says "as he is so are we in this world"

This is how love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment: In this world we are like Jesus. - 1 John 4:17


Without love, it is impossible for you to understand the significance of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross; and thus it's impossible for you to communicate the essence of the Gospel. Let your love for God and for people be the compelling force for you to fill this world with the light of God.

Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." Ephesians 4:2

I present to you all a new movement starting this year 21st, December 2019 with sacul_collection

In my chat interview with the CEO of sacul_collection - Miss Ayoola oluwakemisola Sarah, this was made known to me that this is a new project of hers which involves giving back to  the society, by helping those that don't have the same opportunity or privileged like some do, so the orphanage  home is the target for this year's >>> Imparting Positivity With sacul_collection  , that because we have children of ours, including younger ones, and for those who are yet to have, will one day give birth to theirs. She continued this children has dreams and greater expectation, but no one to build them this is why she want us to join hand together in imparting productivity in to there lives and help them in the right part and this can also help eradicate poverty together.

Miss Ayoola oluwakemisola Sarah (ceo sacul_collection ) said this for sure, will continues yearly, we aren't stopping by the grace of God, in as much as there's life. 'I want to keep doing this without stopping' she said with God's grace... Yeah it's Grace and Thank God for this.

Fortizo Light Also ask that who can participate in this project of hers. And she replied, everyone is Invited to come show Love by imparting positivity to the lives of this young ones. She also said this project is not for her allow, "Is a project for all to join". She can do it alone, support, sponsorship, time and resources will be greatly need to my this project a successful one..

We continued with - "how can people participate?"  and she said people can participate with their money, time and material thing like school bags, shoes, cloth and many money for this children. She also said though it not necessary it money, this children needs school materials, clothes and so on, nothing is too small, and for those that can't afford can also support by going with us....at least that time you share with them is a memory they can surely keep... She said anyone interested in the project can send a direct message so Click Here (You will be directed to Whatsapp by @fortizolight).  

Remember: Anyone can join, no one is restricted... Please save the date - Saturday, 21 December 2019

Your Support is greatly need. Kind donate to the bank account detail below

Account Number: 0233251540
Account Name: Ayoola oluwakemisola sarah
Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank

Contact: +2349067557144 or +2347053511948 for any other info, sponsorship and support as we start Imparting Positivity With sacul_collection

This is exactly with LOVE is all about and this brings about Imparting Positivity... Join the movement today... I will be there, will you?
T-shirts are available for ₦2500 only (black, white and pink) - contact to purchase yours.

For Sponsorship please contact: +2349067557144, or +2347053511948
Please Share to Others, thank you.

Kindly share your massage in the comment box below. Thank you. God Bless You Richly and
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