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What to Do To See Results | Consistency

What to Do To See Results

        In every of our daily activity we all tend or hope to do something new apart from the usual but when result aren't seen or met we lose hope or focus easily. I must say this is normal for a normal being that hasn't accepted Jesus Christ as his or her lord and savior of his or her life...
But if you are born again you have a new life in Chris Jesus and mustn't lose hope because you have to be consistence in what you do to see result, that is apply faith and you keep doing that stuff, you don't just do it once or say it once and expect the situation to change immediately. So if you are not seeing result, this is what you need to do – "Practice Consistency"

Now let talk about consistency… Sit back and relax as I reveal what to do to see the desired results you determined for.

Remember – You don’t see results in any area of your life without CONSISTENCY. What do you understand by the word consistency? Please drop your comment below, we’ll all learn from each other…

You don’t see results in your health, you don’t see result in your relationships, you don’t see result in your faith, unless there’s consistency. And so just be aware that CONSISTENCY is that key and don’t give up because so many people give up so easily just before they haven't seen result(s). Don’t get so discourage by the lack of the result(s) you desired. Don’t give up the very thing that will eventually produce massive results.

For example. In a very short story about two gold miners, who were in search for Gold in the image below;
What to Do To See Results

From the Image View, Miner 1 (One by left) can get more gold and even diamonds more than Miner 2 (One by right)… They start digging at the same time. Referring to image above;

Image 2

In image 2, they both desire to get gold as early as possible by consistently digging with so much of energy... but guess what, 

A Search For Gold
Image 3

Miner 2 was very close to getting his first gold, see image 3 above.

What to Do To See Results
Image 4

Miner 2 finally got a gold and was about to leave the cave immediately. This got Miner 1 furious. See image 4 above.

Image 5
Immediately miner 2 left, miner 1 left his spot to dig at miner 2’s spot, thinking he might be lucky to get some gold there too. Not knowing his spot has more gold then the other spot but because he wasn’t consistence to his spot…

What to Do To See Results | Consistency
Image 6
After some minutes Miner 1 was tired of digging further because he has lost focus, it was of no value, he found out he will not get anything from there… that is he didn't continue his practice of consistency at his spot, if he had continue digging at his initial spot he will have discovered more gold than the other... Patient is Consistency, while consistency is that key to a passive successful life.

My point to you is not to stop whatever you are doing, just because you friend or competitors have made it doesn’t mean you have failed, rejoice with them when they make it in life and keep in mind that your time will come when others will rejoice with you too… It might just be a little more effort that will make things turn around for you… Dare to be different and be consistence. Consistency is the key to your success story.

Note: "A negative thinker sees a difficulty in every opportunity or problem because he or she had failed once, twice or heard someone had failed before but a positive thinker sees an opportunity in every difficulty or problem." - source from Fortizo Light Quote Update
 Desire to be different, God bless you.

Fortizo Light Wishes you an optimistic life… Have a lovely day.

Kindly share your massage in the comment box below. God Bless You Richly.... 
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