How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Lemon is an excellent natural bleaching agent, and sugar helps to exfoliate all the dead skin cells

Getting, the satisfactory pink lip for you could on occasion be a daunting mission. This article is going to teach you on the way to gain the right information of a way to make your very own pink lips cream and also find out how to get normal pink lips you need to have to your face and wish you realize its offers you a fabulous and appealing smile. 

  • Brief Introduction
  • The causes of dark, break, crack and dry lips
  • Natural ways to make pink lips cream/paste
  • Natural ways of getting pink lips/method of application
  • Natural ways of lightening of lips.
  • Extra Tip

Natural pink lips cream can be easily made and put together, lightening up your lips and is likewise vital because it's far a part of the face and the splendor of it is that it entice other people to your face. Let take a look at "THE CAUSES OF DARK, BREAK, CRACK, AND DRY LIPS"
There are different causes of the result of you having a dark lip and that is why I will be sharing some of it with you, in other for you to get an idea to this case study by expert

  • Lack Of Adequate Intake of Water: If you don’t drink a lot of water you're probably to have dark lips, so do drink as much as nine cups of water day by day
  • Smoking: Smoking also makes the lips dark because of its hotness or should I say the heat/smoke you absorb
  • The Licking Of Your Lips: You need to stop licking your lips because the saliva deposits some substance that causes the lip to be dry and crack.
  • Not Cleaning Up The Lips With Warm Water: Tea, coffee, and other beverages that are dark leave deposits on your lips, this is not hygienic or good for the lips. When you are done taking dark substances/drinks like this try to wash lips with warm water.
  • Sun / Sun-ray: As all of us  realize as regular that the sun-rays causes damage to our body, is it added to the lips, I will propose to you to use sun care cream and oil to save you sun dryness and darkness of the  lips

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How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally?

Here are some simple do it yourself remedies for naturally soft and pink lips that you can do in the comfort of your home. Do them regularly, and in time, you shall see the desired result!

1. The mixture of lemon juice with almond oil 
2. The use of olive oil or almond oil
3. The use of Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil
4. The use of Milk and Saffron
5. The use of Beetroot Juice and Butter
6. The use of Brush, Milk, or Cream
7. The use of Sugar mixed with honey or cold cream
8. The use of Cucumber juice
9. The use of Pomegranate seed 
10.The use of Orange peel
11. The use of Rose Petals

Natural ways to make your own pink lips cream, lighten your lip / How To Get Soft Pink Lips Naturally

To get the kind of pink lips you desire, they are  really quite a lot of step to get the pink  lip you desire;

So let’s get started

1. The mixture of lemon juice with almond oil

Method of Application

  • Mix lemon juice with almond oil
  • Rub the mixture on your lips
  • Massage your lips with the mixture
  • You need to massage your lips with this every day, almost every night before going  to bed
  • This will result in a lighten pink lips and will help nourish the lips making it soft and moisturized in a desirable way you would love.

2. The use of olive oil or almond oil

Method of Application

  • Apply olive oil or almond oil to lip after brushing.
  • Ensure you wash out lipstick or lip gross on lip every night time or whilst now not in use because the substance which is located to make the lipstick may also darken your lips if you unleash them or if they live too long on the lip.
I also recommend this:
  • You can soak cotton, any smooth fabric cloth in carrot juice, or beetroot juice for the higher results you can upload a pitch of a few saffrons then constantly use it to brush rubdown your lip daily each night and day.
This will help lighten and moisturize your lip.

3. The use of Lemon Juice and Coconut Oil

Coconut helps to clear cracks, dryness, flakes, breaks on the lips while the Lemon juice has the quality property of taking out darkish spots and lighten epidermis layer. The mixture of the two will help have a good looking, lighten, and soft lip.

Method of Application
  • Get lemon extracts (lemon juice)
  • Get your coconut oils
  • Mix  the lemon juice with a little  coconut oil
  • Mix them thoroughly
  • Apply the paste at night when about to sleep, apply it fully coated
  • Then wash it away in the morning
  • Dry and darkish lips color will go away and lighter lip tone will exhibit up naturally.

4. The use of Milk and Saffron

Method of Application
  • Get 2-4 stripes off Saffron
  • One teaspoon of Hot milk
  • Smash Saffron stripes with hand and mix with Milk
  • Mix them thoroughly
  • When the mixture gets cool, gently apply and massage on lips
  • Then you do this as often as possible, probably on time bases
Applying Milk together with saffron heals cracked lips and repairs it naturally. It also offers just-right softness to the lip skin layer. Saffron will provide a crimson color to lips.

5. The use of Beetroot Juice and Butter

Beetroots has its own traditional essence of making the lips pinkish in color and get you a naturally soft and crimson lip as desired.

Method of Application
  • Extract pure, thick juice from the  beetroots
  • Take one tablespoon of the Beetroots
  • Also, take one tablespoon of Butter
  • Mix them thoroughly
  • Then apply on lips fully coated
  • Then massage mildly on lips
  • Do this often in morning and night.

6. The use of Brush, Milk or Cream (use any Bleaching cream like Caro-white or tone)

Method of Application
  • Brush your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush every night then After  brushing your teeth
  • Apply honey to it or any soft cream(Bleaching Cream)  that tones the skin
  • Massage your lips with the Milk or Cream
  • By brushing the lips it helps remove dead cell and chap while applying the cream or milk it helps to keep the lips remove dryness, makes it fresh, and lightens (tone) the lip color.
  • Then do this every night and morning
I will tell you, you will come back with testimony about how pink your lips look.

7. The use of Sugar mixed with honey or cold cream

Method of Application
  • Mix sugar with cold cream or honey
  • Use the mixture to scrub your lips
  • Do this regularly mostly in the night or in the morning
If you continue doing every day you will see the result of this in less than 14-18 days of use. By doing this you lips will be exfoliated and will shine and be pinkish.

8. The use of Cucumber juice

Do I mean Cucumber: yes and seriously yes!!!
Do you know that’s cucumber contains a substance that helps reduce the darkness of any lips, it also helps to make the lip pink
Method of Application
  • Get some slice of cucumber
  • Scrub or romance it on you lips
  • Ensure you do this daily up-to 4-5 minute anytime you are chance
  • Do this as often for a better result
I Recommend you do this both at night and morning.

9. The use of Pomegranate seed

Using the pomegranate seed is also the best method of making perfect pinkish or reddish lips which helps to lighten up your lips to a more attractive part of the face.
Method of Application
  • Get some pomegranate seed and grind it into small particles
  • Get milky cream(liquid milk cream)
  • Mix both the pomegranate seed and the milk cream in a good form
  • Then apply on lips
  • Do this either in the night or in the morning or both night and morning depending on how fast you desire a result
After that, you will acquire a nice change in color to your lip between 7-14 days but take not some people's lips are more sensitive than others just like the way our skin is also sensitive, if you didn’t observe your result as fast kindly don’t give up quickly.

10. The use of Orange peel

Now you will know the reason why you don’t have to throw away your orange peel anymore because it is still useful for the lightening of your lips; it helps to treat dull and darkish lips.
Method of Application
  • Get the Orange peels available
  • Use Orange peels to clean and massage lips
  • Do this as often
  • Your lips will lighten between 14-29 days.

11. The use of Rose Petals

Rose are reddish/pinkish in color and that’s one of it advantages over other methods because it helps to maintain its own color on your lip if it is long used and it also has a toning reaction if mix with cream,
Method of Application
  • Prepare a paste of the Rose petals
  • Make honey and glycerin available
  • Mix the paste of Rose Petals with the honey and glycerin
  • Then apply on lips and leave it for about 15-20 minutes
  • After the completion of the time wipe up gently with cotton wool or cloth soak with milk
  • Do this regularly, then you will get your desire result

Ensure you do this method and follow the application carefully. Do you know that you can also make money from making the creams for your friends who are lazy to prepare their own, wouldn't that be awesome?

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