Saturday, 14 March 2020

How To Know Quality Items On Jumia | Jumia Choice

Do you want to know "How to know quality items on Jumia" to avoid buying fake or refurbished items, then read this post on Jumia Choice Today!!!

                             Introducing to you the road to Unlimited Quality Items on Jumia!!! 
There has been so much complains from both new and returning customers about fake or refurbished items sold to them. The Jumia Nigeria Team has been on stand working and fighting to not lose the truth which has brought them to the level they are now. 

After brainstorming and ideas from series of closed doors meetings Jumia Marketing Team then came up with a solution for shoppers to always shop items with the badge >> "Jumia's Choice".

What is Jumia's Choice? 

Jumia's choice is a collection of the top-rated and top reviewed products from our best sellers with the highest seller score and best return rate. The goal is to help customers in their shopping experience - “What You See Is What You Get”.

Why Jumia's Choice?

To build trust and adjust the narrative of ''faulty items on Jumia'' by showcasing Quality Products from vendors.

What is the difference between Jumia Mall and Jumia's Choice?

Jumia Mall is strictly for brands and authorized resellers while Jumia's Choice includes marketplace vendors.

How to identify Jumia's Choice products:

  • It can be identified by a distinctive ‘’Black and Orange’’ badge on the product.
  • Visit The Jumia Choice Page On Jumia Home Page  at
  • Quality Items from vendors with the highest seller score and best return rate will have the Jumia Choice badge on top of their items

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