How To Create Bitcoin Wallet On Luno

Monday, 13 April 2020

How To Create Bitcoin Wallet On Luno

way to acquire a bitcoin wallet is through luno.

Bitcoin is the most popular digital asset in the world now, so many people what to invest and trade this digital money, but don't know much about it or how to go about it. Click How To Invest In Bitcoin to discover today the creation, growth, how to invest bitcoin, how to buy and sell bitcoin, also discover the best platform/site to use for holding your bitcoins. 

Before you can trade or start a bitcoin investment you need a bitcoin wallet. Now you must understand what this means and the features. 

What Is Bitcoin Wallet?

 A Bitcoin wallet is a wallet used to save, receive and send bitcoin, it can be in form of a device (physical medium), program or services online that contains your public and/or private key. This serves as your bank account for bitcoin. Examples of the site that you can use to create a bitcoin wallet include but not limited to the likes of blockchain, LocalBitcoins, coinbase, and luno.

Features Of A Bitcoin Wallet

  1. Bitcoin Address: used to receive payment in bitcoin.
  2. Private Key: a secret key only known by the owner of the bitcoin wallet, used to decrypt data.
  3. Public Key: used to encrypt data.

How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet On Luno

There are numerous platforms to create a bitcoin wallet, some are legit while some are a scam... You need to be careful on the internet to not fall, a victim so many scammers on the web. I recently published How To Create a Bitcoin Wallet On Blockchain on the web, another way to acquire a bitcoin wallet is through luno. You can register on for a free bitcoin wallet today. See steps below on how to create your luno wallet ...

Step 1: Visit or use the luno app ( If you want to use a mobile option, download & open the app).
luno wallet

Step 2: Click "Get Started" or download the luno app through the home page.

Step3: Create your wallet by filling in your email address, a secure password, and then click sign up. See the screenshot below.
sign up for bitcoin wallet on luno website for free

Step 4: Confirm your email address to access your luno wallet. If you can't find the mail from Luno in your mailbox, check your spam folder or go back to the tab used when creating your luno wallet and click "Resend Email".
confirm your email address to access your luno wallet

Step 5: Congratulations!!! you have just created a bitcoin wallet on Luno.

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