How Revive And Vigor Essential Can Be Helpful For Sperm Vitality

Saturday, 11 April 2020

How Revive And Vigor Essential Can Be Helpful For Sperm Vitality

Kedi Revive can be used alone but for better sexual drive, use both Kedi Revive and Vigor Essential

I've posted about Kedi Revive about a week ago and how it can help you with low sperm count, sex drive and other issues. Kedi Revive can be used alone but for better sexual drive, use both Kedi Revive and Vigor Essential.

Vigor Essential  Revive
  • Package: 250mg x 30's
  • Usage: one capsule twice daily
  • NAFDAC REG NO. A7-0467L
  • FDB/FS. 123-10127

Warnings: It is not allowed for pregnant women
and children under the age of 12.

Premier Tonic for Virility and Vigor

In modern society, mental or physical stress has serious damage to human health. As stress lingers, it may lead to momentary suppression of immune function usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression. By combining secrets of traditional Chinese medicine with modern Pharmaceutical technologies, Vigor Essential utilizes the benefits of science and nature to create a rapid, and safe vitality enhancement with all-natural ingredients such as;

  • Bombyx Mori L 
  • Trapang peptidoglycolipid and, 
  • Cordyceps fermented mycelium.

Bombyx Mori L has been found to be rich in;

  • Amino acid and, 
  • Vitamin

It can boost your libido and withstand the aging of the cell. Meanwhile, it can also prevent arteriosclerosis and hypocrinism. Trepang peptidoglycolipid has the functions of anti-fatigue and anti-virus to strengthen the immune system.

Health Benefit 

  • It reduces the inflammation of the prostate 
  • It improves sperm vitality 
  • Vigor Essential enhances sexual performance and retard the mature of the testicle by boosting the secretion of testosterone. 
  • It effectively restrains hyperplasia of the prostate by strongly lowering the diatomic testosterone. 
  • This product relieves impotence by amelioration the sensitivities of genitalia to dilate blood vessels and boost the erection of the penis. 
  • It reduces free radicals and makes you look younger. 
  • Remarkably delays the decrepitude of man and restores sex performance.

How To Order For Vigor Essential 

Do You Want Kedi Vigor Essential? Why not shop it from a Kedi HealthCare Agent through a call to (+2348183059891 / +2347019583485) Now and consider it is delivered to you if you are in Nigeria. You can also visit a pharmacy to get a kedi vigor essentialNigerians can check in on every Kedi HealthCare products on

Warnings: It is not allowed for pregnant women and children under the age of 12.

My Advice For You

I advise both Kedi Revive and Vigor Essential to you and your partner who may be facing this predicament of sex drive. Get the product, use them as prescribe and have a long-lasting effect.

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