How To Start A Blog: The Easy Way

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

How To Start A Blog: The Easy Way

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Starting your blog is one of the ways you can generate a business idea from your hobby. According to how to generate business ideas, I defined what a business idea means and the potential sources of business ideas. Hobbies/Interest was one of the sources of business ideas I stated. If for example, you enjoy reading, witting or cooking you may consider going into being a book reviewer, blogging, typist or catering. Let's look at what this post shall cover below.


  • Reviewed how to generate business ideas/Introduction.
  • What will your blog sell/serve to its audience?
  • Who are eligible to visit your blog? 
  • How do you start a blog? and How do you gain blog readers or audiences?
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of blogging 
  • Which need will your blog fulfill to it readers/customer or audiences?
  • Which way do you make money with the blog you created?

#2. What Will Your Blog Sell/Serve?

The question above is very critical, and you must be able to answer this. If you already own an offline store somewhere in your catchment area or around the world then you can consider bringing your store online by owning an e-commercial website or a blog for running an advert, which is showcasing your product to the world. I once heard that a business that is not online is as good as a dead business. Do you agree with this statement? As for me I kind of agree. Let me tell you why;

We all know that the world is a global village of interconnected computers, that is you can post something with your phone or laptop another person can see it through a link once it is online on the web. Technology and the internet have so much help business owners build and elevate their business. Once you get your business connected to the internet (online). your potential customers can raise from (10 to 100) or (100 to 1000) or (1000 to infinite). Who knows if your next customers are out here on the internet. Embrace the internet and showcase your business to the world by starting your blog today.

#3. Who Are Your Audience Or Customer

Owning a blog today doesn't mean your customers or audience will increase immediately. There are some essential tips to keep in mind to archive the best out of the blog you created to increase or gain more audiences. What do you do? Below are my recommendations on what to do to build-up your customers/audience online.

  • Create/Publish relevant posts: Post that is readable and relevant are very important these days. If you are starting a blog to post stories that are irrelevant forget it, you can't have good customers or audience base.

  • Make Post that can help solve a problem: Very important to note this down. I mentioned earlier for you to make relevant posts. Relevant posts can also be ones that help a researcher solve that problem he or she might be facing currently. When you can solve someone's problem with your blog post then you are on your way to a potential base of larger customer/audience. That person that got a solution from your blog can sell your blog to someone else i.e I mean can refer some of his/her friends to check out your blog. With a post like this, you begin to build customer trust and your customers/audience online will begin to increase tremendously. This can also make your post appear on search results from the likes of Google, Yahoo & Bing.

  • Do Not Copy & Paste Posts: If you created and do not have what to post, please do not copy and paste other bloggers post directly to your blog. You should try to develop your writing skills, research on what you want to talk about and develop your written posts. Copy & paste post is against the term & conditions of Google AdSense - that's for a blogger who what to apply for AdSense to make money from Ads by Google. In case you don't know what Google AdSense means check back on my post on How To Apply For Google AdSense and Monetize Your Blog. Please keep in mind that if you already have an AdSense account you may get a ban for copy & paste posts directly to your blog.

#4.1 How Do You Start A Blog

Now let's look at how to start a blog if you don't own one. Starting a blog is as easy as spelling your name, who is reading this and doesn't know how to spell his/her name at this age right now. I think none right? 😌
There are some things you must put in place before starting your blog today.
  1. Owning a laptop or desktop
  2. Internet connection i.e Data subscription to a service provider
If you don't have the two things mentioned above, don't worry you can still start your blog through;
  • Cyber Cafe: Accessing a cyber cafe around you where you just need to pay for some minutes or hours in other to use their desktop/laptop and their internet connection to access the web... This is how I start blogging before owning my laptop and internet connection.
  • Smart Phone: Your smartphone (Andriod Phone or Apple Phones) can also be used, that is why it is called a smartphone. If you have a data subscription you can use it to access the web and also create a blog with it. 
These are the only alternatives you can use if you don't own a laptop and internet connection. But try to get your Laptop due to privacy so you can be indoor or anywhere blogging rather than going to a public workshop to access your blog. 

Now that you have gotten the tools needed to start a blog, see the steps below on how to create your first blog, I shall give a step by step to proceed with screenshot if possible. 
  • Connect your laptop to an internet connection

Internet connection to a service provider
Internet connection to a service provider
  • After getting connected to the internet, launch your browser on the laptop and type to access blogger by google. The screenshot below is how the page will look like when you access
screenshot of blogger home page
Screenshot of blogger home page
  • If you own a Gmail account you can sign-in easily with your mail address and password but if you don't then click on "create account" when the sign-in page loads, you will need to register for one on that page
Sign in to Blogger with gmail or create a gmail account
Sign in to Blogger or Create account
  • After sign-in or registration is done, Confirm Your Profile and continue to blogger. You will gain access to Blogger's home page. Now click on "CREATE NEW BLOG"
blogger homepage
Blogger homepage
  • A page will pop up where you input a "Title", an "Address" and choose a "Theme" then hit the "Create blog!

Create a new blog
Create a new blog

Congratulations!!! you have just created a blog... But that's not all, the blog you created is have a as part of the URL. that is if for example I created a new blog and I used fortizolight as the address. The URL will like these means I haven't gotten a domain name so I am running on a free URL given to me by blogger. To remove the Blogspot from the link above I need to buy a domain name so my URL will look like You shall understand what a domain name means on my post How To Register And Buy A Domain Name

#4.2 Advantages/Disadvantages of blogging

Blogging has its advantages, so as disadvantages. Why blogging is so popular are;
  • It's flexible and portable.
  • Keeps clients up-to-date.
  • It helps build trust with customers.
  • Blogs can make money if well managed.
The downside of blogging is;
  • Requires a lot of time 
  • The payoff isn't immediate 
  • Needs new content often

#5.1 Which Need Will Your Blog Fulfill To It Readers/Audiences or Customer?

This question is similar to the first question I answered earlier "What Will Your Blog Sell/Serve?" to its audience but this will expatiate further. Now that your blog is live online which need will it serve? First, you need to choose a niche - (what you can blog about in a particular field) to help the need of audience who are in search of News, Information, Health Tips, Sports Update, Technology stories and so on. 

For example, my post on How To Start Learning Computer Programming will help the audience who are looking for "What are the tips on how to start learning computer programming?" on google search. another example, for instance, if you are a chef you can start a cooking blog and teach your audience how some wonderful and delicious meals are been prepared with a post containing text and images plus video if necessary. Maybe you are a nurse or doctor then you can have a blog to help your audience on Health and Wellbeing. If you are consistently publishing high-quality content to an audience, then you are fulfilling their needs.

What I'm trying to tell you now is to blog on what you know or have wide knowledge about, when you do that you will be able to meet the needs of some researchers who are looking for the information you have in you and by so doing, you gain customers, more readers, audiences and build trust with them.

#5.2 Which Way Do You Make Money With The Blog You Created?

There are numerous ways you can make money on a blog. In the next few weeks, I will update us with an article on "How To Make Money On A Blog". I will drop some with you today but more explanation will be posted on the article "How To Make Money With A Blog". Blogging isn't an overnight success and never expect that you can earn lots of money overnight.
The Top 10 Ways You Can Make Money Are;
  1. Google AdSense - Placing of ads by Google on your blog. Any website that is getting regular traffic is well suited for Adsense
  2. Monetizing your blog with other ads site like Amazon Native Shopping AdsPropellerAds, or Media Net, there are many AdSense Alternative on the web that if you are not yet approved to use Google AdSense, just note that AdSense is still the best and you must keep to their terms & conditions.
  3. Affiliate Marketing.
  4. Selling Your Ebooks based on what you blog about or what you can teach others.
  5. Selling Advert Spaces to brands and businesses on your blog.
  6. Adverting/Sponsor post
  7. Creating Backlink for other sites.
  8. Sell yourself: you can sell yourself to people who want to book some time out with you for one-on-one consultancy
  9. Promoting brands
  10. Sell Digital Products.

Hope This Was Helpful?

Fortizo Light Wishes you an optimistic life… Have a lovely day. Kindly share your message in the comment box below. God Bless You Richly... Thanks for stopping by...

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