Father's Day Video | Fatherhood

Sunday, 21 June 2020

Father's Day Video | Fatherhood

Father's Day Video | Fatherhood

My message to all men (You, Your brother, Uncle, Nephew, and all fathers in this world that we are. My words for you to be a father or as a father that you are.

Know that a father is not the wisest but he knows how to use time and season to make wise decisions. 

Except a man is patient, caring and a groomer,
he cannot be called a father, because being a father is like a palm tree farmer; his palms don't mature in three months and so they deserve the patience he would give.

Fatherhood is defined as the state of having one or more children. Having a son and spending time with your son, taking him to games and getting to know him, is an example of fatherhood Fatherhood dictionary definition


Please watch and inform me if I passed a good message or not, thank you. 

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