About Us

About Us

Fortizo Light Blog is about educational posts for audience and guidance

Hello Everyone, Am Olusanya Temitope Jeremiahone of top blogger in Nigeria, an affiliate marketer, social marketers, logistic agent and a blogger at my free time. Am the brain behind Fortizo Light, TheJerrys Jokes And Facts &  Fortizo Light Quotes Update

"About Me"

Am Olusanya Temitope Jeremiah one of top blogger in Nigeria Today, an affiliate marketer, social marketers and am also good in graphics design. Am currently in higher institution to further more, to add to my skills and knowledge...

"About Fortizo Light"

The name for Fortizo Light was formed from the original word "Photizo". Photizo is a Greek Word. My own meaning of Photizo is "To Bring Forth" so I refer this Blog Fortizo Light as "To Bring Forth Light" through post that reveals tips and hints, helpful post and tricks to help you one way or the other. Fortizo Light is used to expand my horizons by impacting readers on the world wide web with with the necessary tools they needed in today's world.

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Fortizo Light pages are, but not limited to;
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